BTU Rules

  1. You must complete the marked course on foot under your own power.

  2. Performance enhancing drugs are prohibited in accordance with The World Anti-Doping Code and the QUARTZ Event Program. Refer to the list of prohibited substances and methods under the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority.

  3. Any race entrant may be requested to perform a drug test between the time of completing race entry to 15 days after the event. Any testing will be conducted in a manner consistent with the requirements of the World Anti-Doping Code.

  4. Any race entrant currently serving a sanction for violating the World Anti-Doping Code will be disqualified from competing in the event.

  5. Any race entrant that was issued with a sanction in the 5 years prior to the upcoming event date for violating the World Anti-Doping Code will be disqualified from competing in the event.

  6. Trekking poles must be fully collapsible, so they can either fit inside your running pack or be strapped to the outside of your running pack when not in use. Trekking poles must not be held in your hands and must not protrude from your running pack or your body at times when their use is not permitted. Particular care is to be taken with poles around the general public (the Mt Coot-tha summit and in final leg of the course).

  7. Your race number must be visible at all times on the outside of your clothing and on the front of your body over your belly or chest. Please wear a Race Belt to attach your bib to if you will be wearing a jacket, base layer over your race singlet so your bib number is visible at all times. Your bib must not be worn on your pants or leg. Do not cover over your race number with any backpack strap or article of clothing such as thermal top, waterproof jacket (including see-through jackets) or high-visibility safety vest.

  8. You must not fold, cut or change your race number in any way. It must be worn as is, unfolded.

  9. You must start in the start group that appears on your race number. You may also start in a later start group. You must not start in an earlier start group. If you start in an earlier start group than that specified on your race number you will automatically be disqualified. If you start in a later start group you will not be disqualified.

  10. If you are wearing headphones/ear buds etc, you must switch off music, podcasts etc at all checkpoints so you can hear directions given to you by event marshals. You must switch off music when travelling on all public roads so you can hear approaching traffic.

  11. On the summit of the Mount Coot-tha section (from the round-about), you must stop running 5m before reaching any member of the public. You must walk this final 5m and then can start running again as soon as you are completely passed the other person.

  12. If you withdraw from the event, you must sign the withdrawal form at the closest checkpoint (unless assisted from the course by a Medical Team).

  13. If you require medical assistance on the course, you must use the phone numbers on your Participant Emergency Instructions Card to contact the Event Safety Team who will arrange to retrieve you. Support crews are not allowed to enter the event course to collect runners.

  14. A High Visibility Safety Vest that complies with Australian Standard AS / NZS 4602:1999 –D/N Class for day and night time wear must be worn over the top of your torso and back pack at the times and locations as specified in the Competitor Briefing document. Your race number must still be visible at all times on the outside of your high-visibility safety vest.

  15. You must stay on the marked course. Short cuts are not permitted. If you get lost, return to the last sighted marking.

  16. You must carry your own Mandatory Gear at all times during the event. Random gear checks will be performed during the event. For the sake of fairness to all runners, a 1 Hour time penalty will apply for every item that is missing. This time penalty will be added to the runners overall time. Runners runner must arrange for the missing item(s) to be replaced and they will not be allowed to continue on course until they have full mandatory gear. For severe breeches of mandatory gear or failure to comply with the requests of event marshals, the runner may be disqualified. The breech will also be listed within the results spreadsheet. Take special note of what to do with your fleece top and waterproof pants.

  17. You must obey directions of checkpoint staff or course marshals and withdraw from the race if you miss any time cut-offs at checkpoints or on course.

  18. At any time our Brisbane Trail Ultra Medical staff, Qparks, Brisbane Trail Ultra volunteers or Brisbane Trail Ultra Staff can withdraw any entrant from the event if they are not well enough to finish the event safely without endangering the safety of Brisbane Trail Ultra Medical staff, Brisbane Trail Ultra volunteers, Qparks Staff and Brisbane Trail Ultra Staff as we are governed by the legislation of the Qparks Conservation Act.

  19. No one is allowed to speak rudely to any of the Brisbane Trail Ultra Staff or Volunteers, this includes entrants and their support crews. Anyone found speaking rudely to the BTU Staff or Volunteers will be given a 2 hour time penalty or to the runner who they are supporting.

  20. Littering is prohibited.

  21. You must not leave human faeces on the track. If you need to poo either use a toilet, a wag bag or get a minimum of 15m off the track in safe area and use leave no trace principles.

  22. You must not take dogs into National Parks.

  23. You must not smoke in the National Park.

  24. You must obey any information signs such as track closures, etc.

  25. In training you must stay out of any out of bounds areas as shown on the course maps.

  26. Leave gates as you find them. If closed, you may open a gate to pass through but it is your responsibility to close the gate after you.

  27. The participant is responsible for the actions of their support crew. Support crews must comply with all instructions from event staff and officials. The participant may be penalised or disqualified for actions or breaches of the rules by their support crew.

  28. Support Crews can ONLY offer assistance within 400 meter radius of a designated Check Points 2, 3 ,4, 6 and 7. Runners who accept assistance from support crews outside these areas will be given a 1 hour time penalty.

  29. Support crews must obey all road rules and drive within the speed limits. Please ensure that support crew get sufficient rest and are not tired when driving.

  30. Support crews must follow the instructions of all checkpoint staff, road marshals and road traffic controllers.

  31. Support crews must not eat the provided food at checkpoints. The food is for the competitors only.

  32. Outside assistance is only permitted at Checkpoints 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7. You must not receive outside assistance at any other points on the course. Assistance from event staff is fine. Any support crews found outside of these areas will be given an 1 hour time penalty to their runner.

  33. NO ACCESS for SUPPORT CREWS TO CP1 McAfees Lookout.

  34. Spectator points on the course are as follows, Cora-Mulling Park, Enoggera Reservoir, Jolly’s Lookout, Boombana Picnic Ground, Maiala Picnic Ground, Gap Creek Reserve, The Summit Mount Coot-tha, JC Slaughter Falls, Pinnacles Trail, Simpson Falls, La Trobe Terrace, Given Terrace, Suncorp Stadium, Clem Jones Promenade and the BTU Festival Finish Line.

  35. All runners on the course after Check Point 7 JC Slaughter Falls must be accompanied by a “registered pacer” or another “registered runner” after 8pm on Saturday 6th July until Sunday 7th July 10am.

  36. A “Registered Runner” is another entrant who is racing the Brisbane Trail Ultra. You can choose to run the last 18 km from JC Slaughter Falls if you do not want to run with a pacer.

  37. Yourself and the “registered runner” must be fit and able to leave the check point and make it to the finish line together. You will be cleared by Check Point 7 staff to go onto the finish line.

  38. Pacers are permitted for 100 mile entrants ONLY after Check Point 4 Dundas Camp site.

  39. Pacers must carry all the mandatory gear that is required on the course.

  40. No “mule-ing” (someone carrying your gear for you). Any pacer found mule-ing for their runner will result in a 2 hour Time penalty to the runners time. Runner must carry all their own water, food, mandatory gear and cannot accept food or water from their pacer.

  41. Pacers are not able to mechanically or physically aid their runner outside of the check points.

  42. Support crews are not allowed to enter the event course to collect runners.

  43. Support crews are limited to one vehicle per participant at Checkpoints 3, 4 and 5. (Note – no direct vehicle access to CP 5 Dundas).

  44. Runners will be given one support crew car sticker with their runner’s bib number. To be allowed into the checkpoint parking areas, this sticker must be stuck to the outside of the support vehicle’s front windscreen at the top and middle of the windscreen or top left hand side of the windscreen beyond the reach of the windscreen wipers.

  45. The event organisers are not responsible for the safety or whereabouts of support crew.

  46. The event organisers reserve the right to discourage and/or penalise behaviour that is considered unsporting.

  47. Breaking any of the rules may incur a time penalty, disqualification or pre-race withdrawal. Any such penalties are at the organisers’ discretion and are final.

  48. All runners must read the below safety briefing before they can start the event.

  49. All runners must stay up to date with the latest information from the Brisbane Trail Ultra team and either listen to the audio safety briefing, or attend the safety briefing the Friday night prior to the Brisbane Trail Ultra July 2020.


Brisbane Trail Ultra Safety Briefing

Formal Safety Briefing will commence at 5pm at the Queensland Maritime Museum

We acknowledge that this is the land of the “Turrbal People” the original and current custodians of Brisbane Aboriginal Land. We will also be entering “Kamilaroi ” Country. We respect the “Kamilaroi People” and we thank them for allowing us on their land.

We acknowledge and respect the Aboriginal Landowners and Local Residents. This is a unique part of the world and we will be passing through some beautiful and significant areas, please travel with care. We want to keep our National Parks beautiful so please follow the following Leave No Trace Principles.

We are moving through some of the most stunning and pristine parts of Queensland. Virgin rainforest up at Mount Nebo, Mount Glorious, eucalyptus woodlands and stunning gorges of Township Break. It is so important that we all follow the 7 “Leave No Trace” Principles”.

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare

  • Travel on Durable Surfaces

  • Dispose of Waste at the Check Points

  • Leave What You Find

  • Minimise the Impact of Fire

  • Respect Wildlife

  • Be Considerate of Your Host and Other Visitors.

Trail Running is a dangerous sport and there is a risk of you being injured, lost, dehydrated or just plain exhausted. If you are sick, DO NOT RUN, running when you are sick can be extremely dangerous. Make yourself known to staff and support crew and we will withdraw you from the event.

It is important for you to look after yourself, stay alert and to watch every step. We advise you to:

  • Drink to thirst to avoid de-hydration, take a good quality electrolyte like Hammer Endurolyte Caps every 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Eat every 30-45 minutes to keep your glucose levels steady

  • Have the capacity to carry at least 1.5L of fluid between check points.

  • Stay Alert to avoid snakes, tripping over or twisting an ankle.

  • If you have been bitten by a snake you must stay still, phone Emergency 000 or On-the-day MEDIC HOTLINE 0421 003 720. Avoid moving the effected area at all. Apply your 10cm snake bite bandage, and don’t move until help arrives. Lie flat and watch the leaves above you in a tree.

  • When crossing roads you MUST give way to cars and other vehicles. Cars have right of way on the course. Only cross the road if it is safe to do so.

  • Remove your earphones when crossing roads for your own safety.

  • It is good trail etiquette to remove earphones when running in a group on a “single trail”, so you can hear if a runner would like to pass you, and more importantly hear if a fellow runner has a problem behind you.

Listen to all marshals on the course. They are volunteers and are giving up their precious time so you can compete in the Brisbane Trail Ultra. Be kind and respectful to all marshals and volunteers. Any runner found disobeying a marshal on the road sectors of the course will be immediately disqualified. We will have police at 3 points on the road for your safety on La Trobe and Given Terrace during peak periods. It is crucial that you listen to the instructions of the police officers.

Stay alert and ensure you follow the course markings. There will be a course marker at least every 500m and 3 ribbons leading you through every intersection. On some single more forested single trail, markings have been placed much closer together. Pink Ribbon with a reflector marker in the day and Pink Ribbons, Reflector Ribbons and a reflector marker at night. The markers will be individually numbered with the track name and a number. Example Township Break 1. If you are injured or sick and need to stop, and are able to find a marker and phone for help. That marker will give our support staff your exact location on the course. Read out the Track Name and the Number and we will know where to send help for you. Let the next runner who passes you know the Track Name and Number too, that way the CP staff or RFS support on the ground will know where you are on the course.

Black Cockatoo Single Trail on the 60km course has been marked at most 100m apart as it can be a bit technical in some areas. If you are injured here, there is little phone reception, let a passing runner know your location, or have the runner find the nearest marker and forward the message onto the CP Staff. Our sweepers will be following closely behind the last runner with first aid supplies. Rural Fire Services will be stationed at the bottom of Black Cockatoo Trail and will be able to aid in your rescue.

Follow the “Arrows” in the direction it is pointing on course at intersections. The symbol “X” marks the wrong way, do not go this way. If you haven’t seen a course marker for 500 meters please stop, think and re-trace your steps and go back to your last marker and check or position on your map. There are many off-shoot trails along the course. We have marked the course so there is either an arrow (continue the way of the arrow) or 3 ribbons leading you through an intersection. Only follow these course markings. If you are really lost stop stay where you, conserve your energy and please call David, Cora or Shona for directions, our contact numbers are on your Race Bib and we will be able to help you.

100 mile and 110km Runners must be weighed in at the Start line prior to racing. Please check in with event staff at the start line. Your weight will be logged on your race bib and start line logs. You will again be weighed at CP2, 45km into your run. If you lose more than 3% Body weigh or more importantly gain weight then we will ask you to see the First Aid Tent for further assessment. If you’ve lost more than 2% and you can explain why (a big race poo) then you will be cleared to run on. But if you’ve lost more than 2% body weight and you are showing signs of dehydration or generally looking unwell, then we will ask you to stay at the tent until you’ve recovered or you may be pulled from the course. If you gain weight this is also a sign of danger as your body is no longer regulating your salts and electrolytes properly. This can be fatal especially if you continue to drink plain water. We provide electrolytes at the aid station. Please use them, it is for your own safety.

Watch your step, every step. There are many rocks, tree roots, cliffs in the area that we are passing through, care must be taken to avoid injury.

If you run past and someone is injured but is able to walk to the next check point and is happy to go on by themselves, please let the timekeepers and the marshals  know at the check point that someone is injured. Please note their location by looking on your watch or note the track name and number on the next closest marker. This information will aid with their “ETA” time at the CP. Please note their name and race number too so we can monitor their progress between that checkpoint.

If you come across a runner who is injured please call in to the emergency numbers on your BIB with the details of a fellow runner’s or your own injury so we can help respond as soon as possible.

If someone is injured or sick and cannot walk to the closest check point and you are the first person on the scene, please stay with them until help arrives. Phone for help and give the location of the nearest marker, track name and marker number, this will make it easier for support staff to find you both. If you are out of reception pleese tell the next passing runner both of your bib numbers and give details of the injury or sickness to them, ask them to phone the Medical Hotline when they are in reception. It is important that you stay with that injured/sick runner until help arrives. Put on your mandatory gear and stay warm. We will thank you for looking after another injured runner. The time that you lost to care for your fellow competitor will be deducted from your overall time. 

In the event of an unpredictable natural disaster. Whilst the event is in progress, the national park may be closed at anytime for extreme weather events such as bush fires, storms, high winds or flash flooding. In the unlikely event of this occurring, the evacuation point is the closest Check Point. Please listen to event staff and follow directions to the closest CP for your evacuation.

Use the provided Port-A-Loos or approved toilets at the check points. If you are too far from a check point, please move at least 15m off the track and away from water to relieve yourself. Bury all faeces 20cm below the ground height.    

Be aware that this is a public space and there will be other people using the course on race day. Please be kind and courteous to the other patrons on the course.  Please be mindful that mountain bikes are also on course. Runners must give way to Mountain bikes. This is the same for horses. Horses will usually be seen on the fire trails so please give way for the horses and riders to pass safely. Although it is illegal for trail motorbikes to be in the national park, they have been seen riding on the trails. Please take care if you hear them for your own safety, let others around you know what you have heard and notify David and the next Check Point of your sightings.

Look after each other. Be kind to your fellow runner, remember even though this is a race, Trail Running and Ultra Trail Running can be a dangerous sport and we all need to be aware of our fellow Trail Runners to ensure each others safety. 

Be careful and only pass when it is safe to pass. 

The best way to let someone know that you’d like to pass is to say “Hello, How are you”. Have a chat and let them know you’d like to pass. “Passing on the right, when it is next safe for both of us”. Then pass.

When approaching the Summit at Mount Coot-tha, you MUST walk when you are within 5 meters of a tourist. Please ensure they know you are behind them say, “Hello, how gorgeous is Brisbane! I’ve just run 140km!!!!” and let them know you are going to pass on their right when it is safe. They will be blown away by how awesome you are. Only when you’ve past this tourist may you run again. Please follow the rules as this is a special area of the trails and we are lucky to have the opportunity to witness this stunning view of Brisbane City and your finish line about 19 km away.

Hellhole Break, Township Break, Westridge Break and Black Soil Break are all incredibly steep descents with a slippery creek crossing at the bottom so please be careful as access to these spots are limited by vehicles. If you are injured here there may be a delayed response time before help arrives. Please be careful and stay safe in these areas. It is more important that we all look after each other and stay safe than go for times. We are putting out ropes on Township Break to help your descent. Be careful the ground is quite loose and you will probably slip over if you are not used to these type of terrain.

In the event of a MEDICAL EMERGENCY please call the BTU on-the-day Medic hotline 0421 003 720


For all other non-life-threatening inquiries, Race Directors Numbers are printed on the back of your Race Bib Number.

Shona – 0417 693 281 ENTER INTO YOUR PHONE NOW

David  – 0400 731 168 ENTER INTO YOUR PHONE NOW

Cora – 0413 120 931 ENTER INTO YOUR PHONE NOW

We have Rural Fire Services Stationed on Hell Hole Break, Westridge & England Creek Intersection, Boot Break & Burt Yard Break Intersection, Township Break, Gold Creek Boundary Rd & Creek Road Intersection, Black Cockatoo, Layhy’s break & Gold Creek Walk trail junction. They are advanced first aid providers. We also have 1300 Medics roaming the park in case of an emergency and All American Wheeling will be our vehicular support, aiding in helping injured runners and help sweeping the course. Our sweeper group will have a qualified first aid sweeper to help out too.

It is IMPORTANT THAT WE ONLY USE THE MEDICAL STAFF for MEDICAL EMERGENCIES. We will have a sweeper vehicle for you if you have “had enough”. Please leave the Medical Hotline for medical emergencies.

If you are going to withdraw from the event, and suffer a heart-breaking “Did not Finish” AKA “DNF” please pull out at the closest check point. If you are unable to make it to the Check Point please call the event numbers below and let the management staff know that you will be DNF-ing the BTU. Otherwise we will have to come and find you and that could end up being a very embarrassing exercise for yourself as we would have dedicated a search and rescue team just to look for you. You MUST let the Check Point Staff, BTU Event Staff know if you are DNF-ing any of our events.

Shona – 0417 693 281 ENTER INTO YOUR PHONE NOW

David  – 0400 731 168 ENTER INTO YOUR PHONE NOW

Cora – 0413 120 931 ENTER INTO YOUR PHONE NOW

Please Leave No Trace. Pick up all rubbish that you drop. It is poor trail running etiquette to drop rubbish. Carry all rubbish that you have in a lockable bag and dispose of it in the rubbish bins at each check point. Avoid single use plastics and make use of the Hammer Jugs provided at the Check Points and your water bottles for Red Bull Energy, Red Bull Organics Cola and Ginger ale cans.

Everyone is to wear their High Visibility Vest when running/walking on the footpaths From Bardon to the City and crossing the roads in the residential area. At dusk, everyone MUST wear a head torch and a high visibility vest. For competitors leaving JC Slaughter Falls CP7 at sunset (around 5pm), you MUST wear a head torch and high visibility vest. For runners leaving other checkpoints after 3pm, all competitors including pacers MUST carry with them a head torch and back up torch and batteries and high visibility vest ready to wear at sunset.

Random spot checks will be conducted over the course for the entrants. Time penalty of 2 hours will be given to a runner found not carrying the full mandatory gear list. See the detail mandatory gear list for each event on our .

There are a “few loops” or “out and backs” on the BTU course. Note all loops are anti-clockwise in direction. Orienteering punches/clippers will be present on the 110km and 100 mile course. These individually patterned hole punches will be placed in a visible location and well signed. Punch a hole in your bib to prove you have gone through these locations. Failure to travel through these sections of course will incur a 2 hour time penalty. These spots include the:

  • Egernia Circuit at the 39km mark of the 110km and 100 mile course

  • Double/Taylor’s/Standpipe Break turn around loop at the 50km mark of the 110km course

On the Kulgun circuit, 10km from the finishing line of all event courses, a marshal will be present at peak times on course to ensure that all runners have fully completed the distance. After peak times (Kulgun Circuit after 9pm), runners will be required to mark their bibs with orienteering clippers/punch as per the remote sites to signify completion of this loop.

Poles may be required by some competitors to aid with descending and ascending some of the steep sections, especially into Township Break, Boot Break and Side Break. We advise you pick them up at Mount Nebo State School (CP2) before the Westridge break descent, at Maiala Picnic Area (CP3) for use on Boot, Burnt yard and Side Break or Dundas Bush Camp (CP4) to get through Township Break.

We are Co-Hosting a King of the Mountain Style Red Bull Climb from CP 7. It is 1700m in length and about 150m in elevation gain. It crosses over the JC Slaughter Falls access road and finishes at the junction of the Pinnacles and Powerful Owl Track. Please be careful when crossing the road at the car park. As always, CAUTION when crossing any road crossing. As this race starts at the CP7 and crosses a road, you WILL NOT be allowed to park on the far side of the JC Slaughter Falls Car Park. For the safety of all runners, please park at the adjacent picnic grounds -Hoop Pine & Silky Oak for access to JC Slaughter Falls. This is our busiest Check Point, as well as a busy tourist spot, so please be careful when driving.

All support crews must display their Support Crew sign on the dashboard of their car otherwise they will not be allowed into certain carparks.

Mount Nebo and Mount Glorious Roads are extremely narrow with large drop offs with arguably the highest fatality rate in Queensland . It is a favourite for cyclist and motorbikes. Please take care when driving up to CP2, CP3, CP4 on Mount Nebo and Mount Glorious roads. DO NOT SPEED, the mountain is COVERED with Police.

If you are on the course after 8pm you are required to have a pacer with you after Check Point 7, JC Slaughter Falls. Your pacer must be carrying a minimum of 30km course mandatory gear. Pacers must “Check In” with Check Point Staff Prior to entering the course. Please note, pacers cannot pick up their race packs at the check point as these MUST be picked upat registration on Friday the 5th of July.

100 Mile Runners who would like a pacer may have a pacer from Check Point 4 Dundas Bush camp. Pacers must carry the same mandatory gear as the requirement of the section of the course. 100 Mile and 110km Course pacers must carry 110km/100mile mandatory gear. JC Slaughter Falls pacers can carry 30km course mandatory gear. Pacers are not allowed to carry anything for the runner. Any pacer found mule-ing for the runner will result in the runner receiving a 2 hour time penalty.

When entering the Urban sector please be extra careful as you will be crossing roads. STAY ON THE FOOTPATHS. Give way to traffic and stop at all traffic lights and await a green pedestrian light to cross a road where applicable.

The Milton Markets will start on Sunday Morning so their may be a bit of extra activity just after Suncorp Stadium. You will also be entering a well used bike path on the Brisbane River at the Coronation Drive Tunnel and the Stairs up to the Go Between Bridge. Be extra careful at these intersections as they are blind spots and a bike may be moving swiftly through this area especially on Sunday Morning 6am. Pacers are your fresh eyes for these sections!

There may be a few electric scooters out on the Clem Jones Promenade and city sections, so be aware that these riders may not be expecting runners and may not have much experience with these vehicles so please make them aware of your presence and try to avoid getting too close where possible.

Queensland Maritime Museum (QMM). Please be aware we are sharing the QMM grounds with paid guests. The entry into the QMM and HMAS Diamantina ship can be entered at a fee from the QMM reception. The heritage listed dry dock surrounding the HMAS Diamantina is fenced for your safety however this is an area that we need to ensure caution of falling. Please look after the safety of your children. Climbing on fencing and barriers is prohibited. Swimming is also not advised in the Brisbane River. Bull Sharks are very inquisitive and are abundant in our Brisbane river systems.

Congratulations!! You have just crossed the line in your inaugural Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival! Please come into the recovery area, hydrate first with either a hammer fizz or endurolytes, have some glucose from Heed, Red Bull Organics Cola or Ginger Ale and we will also have some food ready for you too. If you are not well, make yourself known to our first aid staff and we will look after you.

Our Food Trucks will be serving until 10pm and again at Breakfast on the Sunday the 7th July. Please make sure you eat a solid meal before you have a drink from the Bar. Speaking from experience (joke, seriously Shona, not the rest of us) , it will be the fastest way to pass out if you have a drink before you have a proper meal. It may take you 3 hours or more before you want to have a drink after you finish your event. We are opening the bar again on Sunday Morning between 10:00:00 and 12:00:00 don’t worry there will be plenty of time to celebrate your awesome achievement the next day at the BTU presentations.

Be respectful of all residents on course. Noise restrictions are as per usual, minimal noise from 10pm Saturday evening until 9am Sunday morning (this applies to Southbank and all other residential areas along the course).

Drop bags will be delivered to the QMM on Sunday the 7th of July. All “finish line bags” will be delivered to the QMM on Saturday 6th of July.

Stay safe, enjoy the beautiful rainforests, single trails and views. Look after each other and you will have an amazing adventure.

Good Luck

Brisbane Trail Ultra Team.

Brisbane Trail Ultra race director Shona Stephenson.jpg