QFES BTU athlete safety partner 2019, 2020.

QFES BTU athlete safety partner 2019, 2020.


Brisbane Trail Ultra™ Charity Support

Brisbane Trail Ultra™ - QFES - RFS

Athlete safety is what drives our team at the Brisbane Trail Ultra™. We have partnered with Queensland Fire State Emergency Services, Rural Fire Services (RFS) for the Brisbane Trail Ultra. The RFS is instrumental in helping our team provide a safe trail running experience for our athletes on the course. The Brisbane Trail Ultra donates $10 of every entry directly to the Brisbane Rural Fire Services Team’s QFES has an annual Regional Challenge fundraising for the Children’s Hospital Foundation with all the monies raised going to the purchase of ECMO machines. Each machine is $132,000.

In 2019 the Brisbane Trail Ultra™ raised over $5700 from entries and online donations that goes directly to the QFES Regional Challenge for the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Our fundraising target for 2020 is $7500.

Brisbane Trail Ultra Sanfilippo Children's Foundation Start Line.png

Brisbane Trail Ultra™ - Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation

IN 2019 the Brisbane Trail Ultra™ was part of the SFSuper series and helped raise over $20,000 directly to the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation.

What is Sanfilippo Syndrome?

Sanfilippo is a rare genetic condition that causes fatal brain damage. It is a type of childhood dementia and most patients never reach adulthood. But there is hope. Researchers around the world are working hard to find effective treatments.

A rare metabolic disorder

Sanfilippo, or MPSIII, is considered a rare disease: 1 in 70,000 children are born with the inherited condition. The exact prevalence is not known, but it is estimated that there are between 75 and 100 children living with Sanfilippo in Australia.

Sanfilippo is a metabolic disorder which means there is a problem with one of the chemical reactions that naturally occurs in the body. It is caused by a lack of an enzyme that normally breaks down and recycles a large sugar molecule called 'heparan sulphate'.  

 The disease has four subtypes (A, B, C and D). Each subtype corresponds to a lack of a different enzyme, each one responsible for a different step of breaking down heparan sulphate.

Michelle Morrice one of the Brisbane Trail Ultra race ambassadors is a mother of a child who has this fatal disease. She is raising funds on the Hope for Alec Fundraising page

In 2019 she ran the Brisbane Trail Ultra 30km to raise funds and awareness to help save her son from this fatal disease.

Right Michelle Morrice, mother of Alec, and our BTU race Ambassador

Right Michelle Morrice, mother of Alec, and our BTU race Ambassador