Brisbane Trail Ultra Website Re-Launch

Bring on 2020 with a fresh new look to the Brisbane Trail Ultra. We have listened to our Brisbane Trail Ultra 2019 entrants feed backs and re-designed the website to make it more trail runner friendly.

We want to build on the success the Brisbane Trail Ultra (BTU) 2019 and give you in 2020 an even better ultra trail running experience.

We are super stoked to announce that Red Bull will be back supporting our event in 2020 with the BTU-Red Bull Climb being put on our race event schedule and Red Bull Energy Drink, Red Bull Organics Cola and Ginger Ale also on our check point and finish line menu. We are so excited about the inclusion of the Red Bull Defiance Adventure Race Prize for the BTU-Red Bull Climb that was won by Tom Blazier and Beth Cardelli. Our other race partners are The 9 Dragons 50/50 Hong Kong and Hakuba International Trails Japan which ties us in nicely to mention that we are an Asian Trail Master Candidate Event and hopefully will join the series for 2020.

Other key partners Rural Fire Services (RFS part of Queensland Fire State and Emergency Services, AKA QFES) who we raised over $5700 towards their charity challenge. We can name the RFS volunteers the heroes for many of the BTU110 and BTU100 Mile runners. They weathered the storm and stood firm in over 50mm of rain that Mount Glorious and Mount Nebo received over the duration of the event. The amount of rain that the course was hammered with was way above the 8mm predicted. All our runners who endured those conditions are champions in our minds. We were also part of the SFSuper Series to help raise $20,000 funds for the Sanifilppo Children’s Foundation. Thank you for all your support!

Brisbane Trail Ultra is a SFSuper Series event helping to raise over $20,000 towards Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation.

Brisbane Trail Ultra is a SFSuper Series event helping to raise over $20,000 towards Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation.

To sum up the Brisbane Trail Ultra 2019 in one word it would be “Tough”. This was the word on everyones lips to best describe the Brisbane Trail Ultra was as they crossed the finish line. “Tough”. The only word many finishers could manage until they had a chance to recover from their epic adventure.

The course is beautiful and brutal, a juxtaposition of heaven and hell, stunning views but killer climbs with as much single trails , jaw dropping virgin subtropical rainforest, eucalyptus woodlands and a breath taking finale all wrapped into 4 different events for you to choose from plus a bonus race within a race the BTU- Red Bull Climb.

We had arguably the best collection of athletes available in Australia for the inaugural BTU including Kellie Emmerson (VIC), Vlad Shatrov (NSW), Ewan Horsbrough (NSW) , Beth Cardelli (NSW), Ben Duffus (QLD), Steph Auston (NSW), Kieran O’Brien (QLD), Sam Burridge (ACT), Jess Schluter (QLD), Aaron Knight (VIC), David Longo (ACT), Tom Blazier (VIC), our ambassadors were joined by over 530 entrants competing in the following events;

  • Brisbane Trail Ultra 30 (BTU30) 1 ITRA Point 1050 Vert

  • Brisbane Trail Ultra 60 (BTU60) 3 ITRA Points 2780 Vert

  • Brisbane Trail Ultra 110 (BTU110) 5 ITRA Points 5540 Vert

  • Brisbane Trail Ultra 100 Mile (BTU100Mile) 6 ITRA Points 8050 Vert

  • BTU - Red Bull Climb

Check Out the results here

Our volunteers were legends! Our check points have received amazing feedback from our entrants and we can’t thank the following running groups enough;

  • CP1 Bunya Belles and Bunya Trail Runners

  • CP2 Brisbane Trail Runners and Mount Nebo Community

  • CP3 White Rock Warriors

  • CP4 AAA Racing

  • CP6 Springfield Runners Group

  • CP7 Brisbane Trail Runners

Our volunteering legends also withstood the foul conditions on the course to make sure you all had a great experience and we can’t thank them enough.

Bunya Belles Volunteering at Check Point 1 McAfees Lookout.

Bunya Belles Volunteering at Check Point 1 McAfees Lookout.